Understanding Stops and Tasks

Modified on Mon, 21 Feb 2022 at 10:02 PM

We are really excited to soon offer drivers batched and multi-stop deliveries but in order to do so we are adding some additional functionality to the Skipcart app that you will see before batching is available in your area. These changes require some updated terminology. A STOP is an address on your route where you will complete one or more order TASKS. There are three different types of order tasks you will encounter while delivering. Pickup Task, Dropoff Task, and occasionally a Return Task.  


All stages of the delivery process will now work the same no matter how many orders or stops are in your delivery. Whether you are picking up, dropping off, or returning items the flow will be as follows:


  • Drive to a STOP

  • Complete order TASK(S) at that STOP

  • Drive to the next STOP 

  • Complete more order TASK(S) there

  • Complete Delivery once all STOPS and TASKS are completed. 


So whether you are making a pickup, dropping off, or returning items the steps will be exactly the same. 


  1. Accept a delivery with one or more orders in it.

  2. Tap the Navigate button to open your device's native mapping app and drive to your first STOP

  3. Tap "I'M HERE" once you arrive at the STOP to let the retailer, customer, and Skipcart know you have arrived. 

  4. Complete all the TASKS at your STOP whether you are picking up, dropping off, or returning items. 

  5. Once all TASKS are complete, tap the "STOP COMPLETE" button to begin moving towards your next STOP

After you have visited all STOPS and have completed all TASKS you will see your earnings for the delivery after tapping the final "STOP COMPLETE" button. You will then be returned to your main screen for your next delivery. 

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