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This guide is intended to help answer common questions about driving and give you confidence on your first day driving. As an Independent Contractor, the decisions you make on the road are yours and yours alone. 

Getting Started:

  • Once online you will be able to see highlighted zones- We recommend driving to a nearby zone to have the highest chance of getting orders.  
    • Zones in almost all cases are where orders come in
    • In some areas zones are highlighted red meaning that there is a potential for more orders in that area
    • The Skipcart Icon shows orders that need to be picked up quickly
    • Hot spots (the green dots) are areas within the zones to most likely get orders (Learn more)
      • *Being in a zone and online does not guarantee you will get orders as it varies market to market*
      • *If you do not see any gray zones in your area then it IS NOT live and you will be notified when we do go live there*

Your Earnings Report

The Earnings report of your Skipcart app will show a breakdown of your base pay, customer tips and other earnings such as incentives and Bonus's.  It's where you can see all your earnings from that day or week. It will also give you a breakdown of each delivery.  

Add your bank account details to receive free, automatic weekly payouts. 

  • From your home screen, Tap your profile picture, Tap the card that has your profile picture, next to My Bank Account click, tap "Add" to input your bank details

  • Every Monday, we’ll transfer your earnings from the previous week. Depending on your bank, direct deposits can take up to 3 days to process. You should see your earnings hit your account by Wednesday each week.

 To Cash out daily for $0.50 or 1%, set up a valid debit card

  • Tap "Add" next to My Debit Card under your profile
  • Enter your card details for a valid debit card
  • Click "Done"

At this time, you cannot cash out to a prepaid card. 


On your profile screen the balance showing is only your Daily Pay Cashout balance, earnings reflected for today's deliveries are in your earnings report and will not be available for cashout until the following day. 

When to Drive

As a Driver, you choose both when and how much (or how little) you’d like to drive. You can drive all day every day or a little here and there - no commitment required!

Peak times: Lunch and dinner
Peak times tend to align with meal times, so lunch (11:00 AM to 2:00 PM) and dinner (4:30 PM to 8:00 PM) are often the busiest times to drive -- which should mean more money! We recommend going online during these times to earn the most

Go online: When it’s busy out there
When your area is busy, “Go online” gives you the option to start driving right away.  In some areas you might see a red zone instead of a grey one meaning it is most likely more busy. We do not recommend jumping from zone to zone but try to stay near a cluster of the hot spots. 

What are the hours of operation?

Across almost all markets our hours of operation are from 8am-8pm local time. 

Resolving Issues

When in doubt, Contact Skipcart support. Tap the “HELP”  icons in your app to get support while you drive

  1. Complete your first Delivery. Your first delivery is the most important one because it verifies everything in your  app is working properly. If you have problems during your First delivery, contact live support to fix any bugs.

  2. Communicate first, resolve second. Communicate with the customer or restaurant first, then resolve your issue via Skipcart Help

  3. Use the Help Center for quick answers. We have an extensive knowledge base in the app to quickly answer common questions! Use the Help tab at the top right corner. We have solutions for delivery problems, customer unavailable, restaurant issues, restaurant closed, and more!

  4. Use Live Chat Support for urgent issues. Use the live chat feature as a last resort because wait times can vary.

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